Cape Town Take One!


On Friday we drove down to Port Edward on the South Coast. We stayed at this super cute hostel/bnb called Ku-Boboi. The chef was french and he made us the most delicious French toast and crepes and yogurt parfaits every morning- I was in heaven! We only really had one full day there, and we spent it on a long hike on the beach and in the mountains, and then we went and got roasted on the beach.

The next morning we drove back to Durban, and a couple of us went to a coffee shop to get some homework done. For the most part we don't have much day to day work, but we do have a bunch of big projects that we are working on that we needed to get started on. Unfortunately, while I was at the coffee shop I began to feel extremely ill. I had the chills and a headache, so I decided to go home. When I got home I found out that my whole family was sick too. I packed for Cape Town and then went to bed.

I woke up Monday morning extremely sick: high fever, chills, horrible head and stomach ache. I sent everyone on ahead to the airport without me, but last minute I decided to catch an uber and meet Imraan (our program director) so he could drive us the rest of the way. He picked me up in this tiny sports car and we zipped off to the airport. 

When we arrived in CT we dropped our stuff at our hostel (Zebra Crossing) and headed to lunch. Due to my poor stomach, I just got a salad, but everyone else got the best fish and chips I had ever seen! After, the five other girls hiked Table Mountain. Imraan and I hiked the first bit with them but turned back so I wouldnt exhaust myself too much more. That evening we went to Indian food with Martine and Johnathan, our Journalism program directors. They work for Round Earth Media, a world wide media outlet that has agreed to partner with SIT. 

The next morning the other girls hiked Lion's head peak for sunrise, and I went for a run and a coffee along Long Street, because I still wasn't feeling too well. Cape Town is the MOST beautiful city! It looks like a slice of Italy/France/California right in the middle of Africa!

At 10 we met up with Martine and John and they took us to GroundUp, a media outlet that some of us will be interning at, and then the Sunday Times, where the rest of us will be interning. They are both so different but SO COOL. Edit: Since writing this post I have started writing for the Times, check out my articles here. 

That night we went out to dinner at this place called the Fat Cactus. We got yummy (but super inauthentic) Mexican food and a jug of strawberry, mango, lime margarita! We sat next to all of these techies who had started this gay dating app. They were super nice and gave us lots of helpful tips about the city; everyone here is super friendly!

Yesterday (Wednesday), we met Martine for breakfast at Company's Gardens, and then walked to the District Six museum (Nestled into Cape Town's north western corner is the District Six Museum, based out of an old Methodist church and opened in 1994. The museum exhibits the forced removal of Black, Coloured, and Indian community members from the city's six municipal district. One of the most vibrant parts of the city, the eradication of these people was painful and turbulent. After the demolition of their homes, the land was unused and their stories were lost. The museum's mission was to find those who lost their homes and community and tell their stories. They do so beautifully, recreating bedrooms, barber shops, and kitchens using remains that were donated by the families or rescued from the land.) 

Anyways, after the museum we went to what New York Times called the best coffee in the world coffee shop called Truth Coffee Roasting— The coffee was good!

Then we headed to the airport, and flew back to Durban!